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Blagdon’s pond problem solver is here to help you diagnose what’s wrong with your pond quickly, easily and most importantly, confidently.

With over 60 years of experience in the aquatics industry both as manufacturers and active pond and fish keepers, we have combined all of our knowledge to help make you successful in this fantastic pastime.

As a business we strive to support our customers in their leisure pursuits, providing the physical products to aid success as well as a wealth of knowledge to help solve and prevent future problems. A better understanding of the natural pond environment and how fish become ill can help you to prevent disease outbreaks and maintain a healthy pond.

Using the home page, you can easily diagnose what is wrong with your fish or pond using the images and descriptions. Scroll through our best advice for treatment and ongoing care alongside information to help you prevent further outbreaks and understand the sources of your problem. Calculate treatment doses and water volumes for your pond size and read product instructions online for an added confidence boost. Use the support pages to read up on a variety of problems, a resource which will continue to grow, as well as videos and FAQs. You can use this resource to simply and quickly sort problems or discover the full story it is up to you how deep you dive.

About Blagdon

Blagdon began life as a family owned retail brand based in Blagdon, a small village in Somerset in the 1960s. The brand has always been recognised as “the pond masters” bringing their knowledge and expertise to create pond product solutions of the highest quality. With a product range now spanning, filtration, aeration, pumps, treatments, lighting, water features and much more, Blagdon’s aim is to supply everything to help make pond keepers successful.

With over 60 years of experience in the pond market, Blagdon has created products that have invented whole new areas of water gardening. Blagdon was acquired by Interpet Ltd in the 1990s which has allowed the brand to grow from strength to strength and has bought together the experience of both businesses to develop all of our aquatics brands.

About Interpet

Interpet is one of the largest aquatic and pet manufacturers supplying customers with the means to care for their creatures confidently at home. Spanning across several different brands including: Blagdon for outdoor aquatics; Interpet (same name, we know it’s a little confusing) for indoor aquatics; and a variety of pet brands headed up by Mikki (grooming, training and care for cats and dogs); and Nylabone (strong dog chews to keep your pooch entertained for hours).

Interpet was founded by Dr Neville Carrington who ended up in the business world through his love of fishkeeping. Neville’s passion for fish keeping stemmed from his father, O.L.Carrington, who had been an avid fish keeper since the 1930s. In the early 1950s a suggestion was made to Neville and his father – why not formulate a liquid food for fish?

Neville, who was studying towards a pharmaceutical degree at the time, worked out a formula during a family holiday. As soon as he returned home, production began in the garden shed, using equipment Neville had designed and made himself. The liquid fish food, now known as Liquifry was put into milk churns and filled either above his Father’s pharmacy or, during busy times, in the garage! In creating the first range of liquid fish food, Interpet Ltd was born.

Since then the business has grown both in the realm of indoor fishkeeping but also reaching to outdoor fishkeeping via Blagdon and success in the wider pet industry in our largest pet brand, Mikki.

In 2004 Central Garden and Pet, one of the largest pet companies in the world, investigated Interpet and, impressed with our success, decided they wanted us to be part of their family of brands and took us under their umbrella. This built our business further, with us gaining the exclusive UK distribution of some of the USA’s biggest aquatic and pet accessory brands –Nylabone, Kaytee and Kent Marine.

Today at Interpet, we continue to develop products for pets and their owners with the same passion and creativity that Neville first did – striving to make pet keeping more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

About The Blagdon Team

The Blagdon team are an incredibly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate team of water gardeners. Our aim is to arm our customers with the best tools for the job to make sure everyone can find success and enjoyment from bringing water into their garden. Spanning ponds and water features, Blagdon seek to support water gardeners in all areas, making their dreams a reality. With a combined experience of well over 100 years in the hobby, pond keeping is a passion for us not just what we do for a living! Our personal enjoyment of this hobby has driven innovation, creating some of the most unique technologies and products for ponds and water features.

One significant accomplishment is that we continue to produce Blagdon treatments in the UK in our own factory in Dorking, Surrey. We wanted to keep the hands on approach and be able to promise our customers the best quality possible. All our chemicals are controlled on site and mixed by qualified chemical specialists and every production run has samples stored for future reference. Our team work closely with manufacturing standards agencies such as the VMD to make sure we are meeting all relevant legislation and can sell to you with the confidence that we are providing the best treatments for the job.

Manufacturing ourselves also means that we can be the leaders in treatment formulation, having already created many patented, flagship formulas which have been hugely influential in shaping the rest of the market. We are constantly working to improve on our current formulas and allow only the best product to leave through the factory doors.

All Blagdon products are designed in the UK by a British development team and are thoroughly tested in-house at our offices in Surrey and Somerset. This way, we ensure that we know the ins and outs of every product, so we can provide the highest quality equipment to all of you.

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